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You have the gameplay, but there is still the rest of the game to make.

Wow, looks like I'm not the 1th one to make a video about your game (I mean, the video is one month old but...) ! It was a delight, with some very good level design choices and some...more questionnable.
Also I apologize for the recording problems.


I was drawn in by the similarity to Celeste I felt when seeing the gameplay previews.  I had a fun time! There were a few bugs but overall I'd say it's super enjoyable. If there was a longer more fleshed out game with this as the core gameplay loop with added twists, it could be even better!

The speed run design is also interesting, though I'm not much of a speedrunner myself.


I showed your game in the video I made of the games I liked the most at ludum dare

This game is perfect


Good adventure game. It would be interesting if there were more stages and a better use of the clock at the bottom of the screen. But anyway, it's a great game. Congratulations.


Сильно!!!! Мне нравится)