(Key-binds & Accessibility option in the main menu options panel!)

In a world shrouded in shadow, monsters dwell. Monsters that have terrorized all living beings across the land. At the heart of this malice, lies a merciless vampire. She, is interested in nothing but power and will kill whoever stands in her way to attain it. She, is the source of this despair.

Rain, a hero of the people, a charismatic knight of the kingdom travels forth to rid the world of monsters. He eventually hopes to gain the strength to stop them at their source. 

Kepsert - Programming and Game Design
Basch - Music
Ewoud - SFX
Stoff -  Art and Writing

Special Thanks
Jamie - Editor and Proof Reader

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
AuthorsStoff, KepFox, Baschfire, ESCAvdb
Tags2D, Boss battle, Fantasy, Pixel Art, Side Scroller, snes


Vampire Overlord Source.zip 1 MB
VampireOverlord.zip 36 MB


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how do i attack???

Sorry for the late reply! It depends on which input system you're using; Keyboard vs Gamepad, but you can find all controls in the Keybinds panel in the menu :)


AWESOME. so. much. art. bravo on the sound and the writing too. It was super hard, but fun!
-FISH CHIESA [Box of Mushrooms]


Interesting game~! I love how WE are controlling a self AWARE villain, kinda cool~ Though they're very nihilistic lmaoooooo. I think the control section/description of the game needs to be updated because I didn't realize there's a jump down attack until 40+ minute into the game! Also I'm literally fighting the characters, my microphone, and me stupidly forgetting to record things after a break. Overall, would love more of this actually!!! (aka cool!!!)


Nice! Hard game and fun!


Although short, it's a good game, very different from the typical boss rush. Congratulations.


Fun game!  I love the bat mechanic.


vampire overlord:final boss

also vampire overlord:has significantly less health than any of the heroes.

ACTUALLY, she has WAY more health but the heroes deal more damage cause they're overleveled for the fight and put all their points in the damage tree, yep!

well that still doesn't explain the heroes huge amount of health and the vampire lords pitiful damage. as well as the fact the vampire barely has any special attacks (almost like the devs ran out of time to implement a harder final boss)

Hehe, imagine she's one of the first bosses in the game and the heroes have grinded fodder monsters until they were actually strong enough to beat the final boss already - they're just overleveled! :D

wait the vampire overlord is the first boss?!?

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wao this game is deep in the story, love it <_< well done to all of you in the team, it is really amazing from the gameplay, art to music, although I do hate the healer too the guarantee getting hit from the star is way too annoying for me :p There 2 problems tho is that only when I reach the last level and fight for a while that I realize I can down smash and kill the fricking star

Hey! Thank you for playing :D

Hehe the star is slightly annoying indeed, which is intended! You can destroy it by jumping/doing a regular slash twice, or like you said; with a downsmash. Once you get more accustomed to it, you'll find that it's actually quite easy to break the star before it saps any health :D

yeah true 😙👌


yooo, the knight has my username




I know absolutely nothing about that... hehe


amazing concept, quite challenging, great story.

i like the difficulty setting and button remapping.

minor bug: batform cant fly up or down with the control stick

can you give us the control?

If you mean the controls on how to play the game, there's a keybinding menu in the options screen where you're able to set everything to what is convenient for you :D

thank you!


Great game! Love the meta-ness of the game, the idea is really creative, the art is great and the combat is satisfying. However I don't really know how to do the weird down arrow thing? I checked all the keybindings but none of them have anything to do with the down arrow symbol. Also sometimes after I die, the characters I killed become unkillable and the suck blood option becomes usable. It might be because my mac is really bad though...


Very fun game! I love this reverse-boss fight-type action game like this. The art also beautiful!


That was fun! I'm glad you didn't go too far into the whole self-aware game characters thing. A lot of games get a bit over-dramatic with that plot thread, but you managed to keep it relatively light. 

It seems like the quit button on the title screen doesn't work for me. Part of me wonders if that's not part of the joke from the ending, but I feel like maybe it's just a bug?

Hey! Thank you so much for your comment! I'm glad you liked the game and I do agree that Stoff did a great job keeping the self-aware thing light :D

As for the quit button... yea... yea... that's definitely.. intended, as a joke indeed, yea, that's it! It's part of the joke! Definitely is!


This was a fun little game. The ending got a nice chuckle out of me. 

Highly recommend anyone playing this use a controller! 

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D It's been a week of hard work haha.

Controller is definitely my favourite as well, but sitting back and playing one-handed on keyboard is also quite fun hehe