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Do you have experience being a DRILL? Do you just LOVE going FAST? Then, fear not, as we have the perfect combination of these two aspects for you: A speedrun contest!

Running until Sunday the 9th 11pm British time - 12am Central European time - 6pm Eastern time! After this ends;  four players will be invited to a single elimination racing match that we'll livestream on Twitch.

Prize pool:

1st place:  €20 Steam gift card.

2nd place: €10 Steam gift card.

3rd place: €5 Steam gift card.

A booby prize if you're among the top4 but can't make it to the live races for whichever reason!



#1 - Schy (03:59.466)
#2 - Nertsal (4:03.85)
#3 - Baq (4:21.616)
#4 - Spatler (4:30.16)
#5 - SquiggzUSA (5:02.583)
#6 - _Flexx (5:43.900)
#7 - Kuviman (5:59.66)
#8 - WalkanFL (06:42.883)
#9 - TK3 (10:08.0)


Our zombie friend has risen from her grave. Help her find her way back home so she can rest easy.

Frozen: Programming, Art
Gryffo: Programming
Kepsert: Level Design
Mirando: Audio
Stoff: Art


Movement: Arrow Keys / WASD | Joystick / D-Pad
Burrow: Space / L | A-Button
Reset: R | Select

Restart Game: F1 | Speedrun Clock Toggle: F2

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(26 total ratings)
AuthorsStoff, Mirando, Frozendoze, Gryffo, KepFox
GenrePlatformer, Puzzle
Tags1-bit, Female Protagonist, GameMaker, Ludum Dare, Ludum Dare 48, Pixel Art
LinksLudum Dare


6 Feet Under v1.4 (Post Jam Update) 92 MB
6 Feet Under v1.0 92 MB


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feels like sun and moon from ld 29


Wow, this game is absolutely amazing! I played the first few levels and quit because it was hard, but I just couldn't stop thinking about it so I went back and beat the whole thing! A level select would be awesome btw :)


*insert butterfly meme*
Is this Celeste on crack?


You are toast.


Praise the Bread popsicle german guy der nicht deutsch spricht


I've so much fun playing this game!!! It has an epic music and also triggers flight and fight responses in me with all the danger around, so exciting!!! Like the deep abyss triggers my response of fear of height! And surprisingly the bittersweet ending fits with the main game theme.


6 Feet Under is a great game, as said in the description, the game is more focused on the speedrun community but if you're a casual player, this game is also good for you. 

The overall gameplay is exciting and can keep you focused on finishing the levels, if you master it correctly, you can keep up your momentum so you sure will finish the levels faster than before, it takes time to know how to control the zombie-drill properly so don't get frustrated so easily.

The graphics + sounds are simple, it reminds me of the Gameboy era, it's stylish, cute and retro.

The game's levels are perfectly placed and if this is your first time playing you will spend a short time trying to find the right place to go to point B, as I said above, mastering the drill controls is something that takes you a while little time so spend that time trying to learn about the levels while trying to control your momentum.


does tas count?


For the speedrun contest? No. But watching a tas would still be sick ;)

I'm gonna record it for a video will I get copyrighted if I have the music on?


No :)

ok good! uwu


I won't copyright strike you :)

ok Thank you so much! uwu


I played it and It's Extremely good! uwu

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Great game, but it reminds me of Ludum Dare #29 there was a game with a very similar mechanism called The Sun And Moon by Daniel Linssen :) EDIT: wait actually I was thinking of Outer Bounds


Really Really good game, I can't believe it's a LudumDare game, of course the graphics and sound design are simple (Not that that's a bad thing) but the level design may as well be a masterclass, it gives a lot of room to play with the very balanced drill physics, granted it takes some time to get used to it, and it definitely could use some kind of tutorial level.

I know this is probably just a short project but I feel that it has the potential to become the next super fun and deep speedrunning game with it's unique style and mechanics.


Amazing game with great pixel art! It is featured in my Top 5 for this Week!

Take a look!


reminds me of the yelow wisp from sonic colors

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Difficulty is a little wonky. You've got the first screen, which is little more than a tutorial, and immediately after, it's 1 to 100 final boss difficulty, actually trying to kill me with cardiac arrest. 

Then, once that monstrosity of a level is completed, the following levels are fine again. Reminds me of "They Bleed Pixels" in terms of level design and trying to kill the player from frustration.

The gif image on this page is very misleading, showing the drill moving much MUCH slower than it actually goes in-game. 

ya bien me gusto


Hey, this was an incredibly lovely game! I actually came across it here on itch and not through the LD website, and I can't find a link back to that here- Their search function is non existent, unfortunately. That said, if you guys do have a link to your ludum page, I'd love to rate your game there!

Heya! Thanks for the comment! We've had some more people who found it through itch which I'm pleasantly surprised by. I'm glad you enjoyed it :D 

I have a link for you right here: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/48/6-feet-under

However, I'd like to add (in case you run into other LD games through itch) you can also click on the "View Submission" button on this page!

Thank you for playing!!!


Hello there. I played your game on my video. I was actually having trouble getting behind the controls but this game is actually quite interesting. I did not finish it on my video but I finished it afterwards. So I wanted to say that the ending was amazing. Very much worth all the levels you go through. If someone is interested in seeing my video. You can check it out here.


Hey! Thanks for the comment, I'm glad you manage to get into the controls eventually - it's definitely something that'll take some time to get used to as it's obviously not the most common type of movement :D I guess you did find that as you got better and better at the controls, the game also didn't feel as hard anymore?

Either way, I'm very glad you enjoyed it - including the ending, our artist worked hard to convey a form of emotion in our game through a little bit of story - who knows, there might be more story in a potential full game release! 

I'll definitely be checking your video throughout the weekend, watching people play is enjoyable, but also great feedback for future level design.

Thanks for playing!

Glad to hear that. Hope the video will be of help.

Also good luck with further updates.


Amazing game! 10/10 would play again!


You were an actual legend at this game, no cap. You just went through it as if you were born with a drill in your hand! I'm glad you had a good time.

Who knows, more content in the future? :eyes_emoji:


Awesome challenging game. So clean and balanced, you guys did some awesome work here!

One really small thing I noticed is that the music stopped playing after about 12 minutes.


Thanks for the kind comment! I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

As for the music, that's a first - I've never seen it before, myself. Our tech guy has seen it, too, so if we decide to continue working on this game, we'll definitely try and figure it out.

Thanks for playing!


This was a really good game! Nice difficulty balance.


Good job on making it challenging but not too frustrating!

Adorable ending.



Wonderful game. Loved the art style. Music was beautiful. Very fun to play. That ending was unexpected. Good work!


The art, the music, the mechanics, the level design... all wonderful, even without the context of it being game jam weekend game.
But then there are..
the birds
the character animation
little floating keys
floating, drillable dirt
and a beautiful ending (worth getting through the difficult levels)!

Bravo team!  Thanks for this game! 

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I was NOT prepared for that ending! I really loved this from start to finish. Wouldn't change a thing. Thank you so much for making this and putting it out there for us!


Challenging and feels like a breath of fresh air. I had a lot of fun with this.


Mechanics feel so polished, the physics makes playing game always feel fun, slight difficulty spike on world 3, but I love the art, animation, music, gameplay, everything about it is phenomenal!