The chips are down. Chip-Boy stands above the rest. Help our little friend survive on the battlefield of dice games.


Chip-Boy Damian is just another gambling chip enjoying his daily life when he ends up being used as a bet on the Gamblin' Goblins dice game. Chip-Boy Damian has a wife and three kids and is now being used to fuel the unhealthy addictions of a bunch of goblins. But you know what? Damian is not having any of it! Not Damian!

- Grab your staff and defeat the dice the goblins throw on the board!

- BET YOURSELF on the CORRECT NUMBER as you DEFEAT AN OPPONENT to win more money!

- Dance and vibe to a magical soundtrack!

- Use your gambled money to increase your strength!

- Survive as long as possible in an attempt to be reunited with your family.!

Damian, you've got this!




Captain Artist - Stoff

Second Artistmates - Syafire, Jamiedoesthings

Captain Code - Kepsert

Second Codemate - Frozendoze

Music - Mirando

SFX - Yirsi


Gamblin' Goblins Windows 80 MB


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This is a nice use of the theme. It also works really nice and has a appealing visual theme. Overall good,except for my gaming skills lol.

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Petje, thank you so much for playing and for your kind words! Haha I did awful too x,D


I love it! So fun to play. The game mechanics, art, sound design, and any other thing about this game are done very well. Making a beautiful and fun game in such a short period of time is hard, and you have succeeded! Nice job!


Thank you so much for playing Valo, it really means a lot to me and the team. Also for the kind words <3


Thanks for the kind words! We all really appreciate it!


Pretty fantastic, presentation-wise it was perfect although there were things like the walking cycle could do some polish. Generally I'm surprised how much you managed to add in time for the jam. I didn't really notice if the results the dice rolled did anything

Thank you for the feedback!

Hiii thank you for playing!

There definitely are things that could've had some more polish, I agree :D For this game I don't think I'll be dropping a post-jam update though ^^

As for the dice rolling - if you kill the number the enemy "rolled" while standing inside the correct numbered field you gain more money. You're basically playing as the bet in a casino dice game, I hope that helps!


Ahhh, I see, that's a very cool an interesting mechanic. Also yeah, don't worry about the polish, just pointing it out in case you find it helpful. Honestly i don't think i could bring myself to do a game with this much quality in such a short time frame even with a team


Fun lil game. I got to a point where, despite having the funds, I wasn't able to upgrade my fire rate any further! 

Sometimes it felt like my projectile also went over the heads of enemy dice without hurting them.

Otherwise great game!


Hey Revvy! How far did you get/what wave?

I agree with the projectiles thanks for the feedback. <3


I can't recall. I think I was around wave 16 or something? It cost around 279 coins to upgrade if I remember, and I had over 300 at the time, but couldn't upgrade fire rate further. 

Always happy to give feedback. Plus, Stoff's my boy. Great lil jam game. 


Oh, that's on me! We last-minute put in the UI interface and I didn't get to properly remove the button at some point. Basically, you have reached the cap on fire rate hence it wasn't available anymore, it's meant to have some user feedback at this point :D


Tysm :)


dang Damian be rootin, tootin, and by god he shootin... but most importantly he's kind


Haha Gene thank you <3