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AuthorsStoff, NateTheSoundNinja


Palicat.zip 30 MB


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What engine did you use?

I used Unity

Good: The graphics, the art, the sound, the music, the story

"Bad": Some stiffiness in platforming, found a few bugs, sword reach could be further, could use some more juice

Overall: What a great prototype, feels already like a finished game if it wasn't so short. Waiting eagerly for the rest of the game!

Thanks! Appreciate the feedback :)

This was a fun prototype! It definitely didn't play nice with my DS5 gamepad (L2 behaved as all non-movement buttons).

Pretty solid platforming, looked great, loved the music. The combat against regular enemies felt a little "Not worth the trouble", but I enjoyed the boss fight!

Extra respect for having the volume set to <100% by default.

Thanks for the love on the music!  Had a lot of fun working on it.  I keep seeing your name on Twitch and I'll have to give you a follow.  Peace!

Thanks! Yeah I agree about the enemies. If I was to make a full game I'd make them drop currency and stuff like that. I also need to think of enemies that would be hard to avoid without defeating