You want to know about the Robodome? How do you not know about the Robodome!? Have you been sleeping for the last century or something? 

Well whatever, I like to talk so you're in luck! The Robodome is none other than the most popular sport around! It is a competition of professional Robo Battlers, athletes whose goal is to destroy robotic sentries and face off against each other in the arena. They must attain as many points as possible to be the victor of the season. Over their career they must come out on top of Dome competitions across the world to gain the title of a true champion!

I am Martin Scrapmetal, the host of our wonderful Robodome in Valhalla city. I hope you enjoy this season of shredded metal and mayhem!

This game is currently in a demo state! The gameplay is stripped down to the core loop. Eventually we'd like to build out more bosses, narrative and rogue-lite elements. Until then we hope you enjoy what we have so far. Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! 

We also recently added a web build for accessibility. This isn't the best way to experience the game as it doesn't perform as well but we did want to make it easier for people to give it a go!

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
AuthorsStoff, Toonic, HT_Kage
Tags3D, Bullet Hell, demo, Female Protagonist, Roguelike, Roguelite, Sci-fi, Singleplayer, Twin Stick Shooter


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The gameplay is awesome but some adjustments to the upgrade can make it more satisfying to get because as of now having to heal kinda feels like a punishment because I have to sacrifice an upgrade to do so and I only get 3 bars for it.

The same applies to the shield and the damage boost, I think it is a bit too low.


Hey thanks for the feedback!

The upgrade system is something we're planning on focusing on in the future to make it more in line with most other rogue likes out there. We knew going into it that for the demo we just wanted "Something" in place.


Just dropping a few pointers I gave to Stoff in private on here <3

Great demo, loved playing it, got to like 10-15% left on boss HP, will def return to try again soon!

- Level design got great as the game went on (like, from stage 5 onwards?) but felt a little bit bland at the beginning
- Not too sure about how I felt about the upgrades, but I couldn't quite get a feel of how much effect they actually had
- Very polished feel
- Very responsive controls
- Love the way roll works
- Bossfight was interesting/fun as heck!


Thanks for the feedback! On a note of the upgrades, that is something we're planning on addressing in the future!


It was a blast!

Here's some bugs I found:

  • If you're playing with the gamepad and accidentally bump your mouse, the camera zooms out and all you can see is darkness when you move with the left stick. Moving the right stick appears to solve the issue.
  • If you're walking in the same direction that your aiming when you fire off the second tutorial weapon, nothing comes out, even after charging.
  • When fighting the "giant frisbee" (as Rei called it), I noticed that I could face away but my bullets would still track toward it. That's fine with me (mitigates my skill issues lol), but I figured I'd mention it anyway.

And some feedback:

  • I felt like rolling was a bit sensitive for my liking.
  • I think the second weapon in the tutorial should fire off a really small weak beam or give some indicator that it needs to be charged for the full effect.
  • An indicator pointing to where enemies are would be useful if they're off-camera, especially in the bigger maps.

And of course, what I liked:

  • I liked the small amounts of homing the bullets have. (Either they have a bit of homing or I'm better at this kind of game than I thought!)
  • I only have complements for Rei's design. Green hair all the way! I also like the little details with her portrait - how she winces when she gets hurt and blinks every so often.

Really good stuff so far! I look forward to following the game's development :D


Rootin' tootin' good time shootin'