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Roland, finds himself drifted ashore at the edge of a river. He has awoken in a forest where people are not meant to go. Awoken by a strange resident of the forest, he and his new companion make their way out.

Please note this is just a prototype/proof of concept. There will definitely be some bugs and jank but I hope you enjoy this little snippet regardless :)

move: wasd or control stick
switch character: 1 or left trigger
separate group: 2 or right trigger
attack: left click or x
morph: right click or b

Music by @Baschfire


TaleOfSpirits_V00_02.zip 39 MB


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Just noticed this! Very nice prototype! Would definitely make a great game someday.


Thanks for playin Noble! Glad you liked it :)

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so sweet game

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it :)

Fun little concept. 

I enjoyed what you did with this so far. Thanks for the game, Stoff!

Thanks Revvy! Was fun to make