What's a tiny witch to do without her trusty magical cauldron? 

Guide this witch through a perilous dungeon, find her kettle, and then return to the entrance to escape!

*** Controls ***

Arrow KeysMove
A: Throw & Pickup Kettle / Open Door / Pull Lever
(Can't interact while holding the pot)

** Credits **

thestoff (Christoph schoch): Art & Level Design
kierkle (Carl Larsson): Programming
NateTheSoundNinja: Music


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could really go for some checkpoints. But otherwise a really nice game! I could see this fleshed out into something bigger if the 3 of you guys decide to continue on it! I mean, after your current projects are finished

Yeah checkpoints will definitely go in if we push this further! Glad you liked the game Jolt :)

Game Jolt, haha! That's a different site.

cute :3

Thanks Frozen :)